The Legal Fiction

Throughout the ages mankind’s ingenuity has allowed one group of people to control others. The creation of the ‘legal fiction’ is a superb example – it is the very foundation of how we are controlled today and yet the knowledge of its existence eludes all but a tiny few of us.

Judges know how the ‘legal fiction’ applies to each of us, but barristers, solicitors, Magistrates and politicians mostly do not – it is a closely guarded secret. Our courts impose their will on us using the ‘legal fiction’ and it is through this imposition that governments are able to control every facet of our lives.

Without the ‘legal fiction’ governments and an array of authorities have no power over us whatsoever and with this in mind it is perfectly clear that understanding the ‘legal fiction’ is a prerequisite to understanding how the world around us really works as distinct from how we think it does. Knowledge and understanding of the legal fiction is the first step on the road of freedom.

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You may call me Ruby (a personal story)

Baby steps they said. Today I took a baby step just to see what would happen. I’m not sure it was even a good idea but it was a little interesting.

Being retired and dependent on a Social Security retirement check, (which I now realize ultimately comes from the United Nations and not from some private Social Security account,) I don’t know how I might go about “loosing the name” in the literal sense, but I do grasp the concept that I am not the legal name, that is the legal fiction.

I have always been an enterprising person, preferring to work for myself if possible, and I have somewhat regarded the "legal" name on my Driver's Licence as a “DBA” corporate fiction anyway, but it would sometimes get confusing as it is hard to separate the fiction from the name given to me at birth by my parents. I eventually began to understand the business side of it and the personal side of it. Here is what happened. I had given my home business a name, and I even registered it with the State. This was 30 years ago before everyone and their kids had cell phones.

One day I answered the phone using my business name. It just so happened that it was the telephone company calling me. The operator, scolded me and informed me that I could not answer my phone like that because I did not have a business phone account. Imagine that! The phone company was telling me how I must or how I could not answer my phone! Desiring to be a "legitimate business" I eventually agreed to pay for a business phone which was twice as much money. That did not last long. It was too expensive. I closed my business and changed my phone service to a residential account.

Also, having registered my business with the state, I had been getting mail from the I.R.S. or State tax collectors, insisting that I file an income tax statement quarterly and pay an advance on my estimated earnings for the year. What a bunch of crap. I was not making enough money to bother with any of that, and pay for the business phone, so I notified the STATE that my business no longer existed. I decided that in the future, my "business name" would be my legal fiction name and then I could certainly answer the phone with that name without getting hassled by the phone company. When I told the State I was no longer in business, they demanded information and forms about how I disposed of all my assets. This was very annoying. It felt like they were intruding into my personal business. Oh guess what, they were!

So today, I am well aware that my legal fiction (my name) is not me, and is a fictional entity. It is being used as a company name and that is how I think of it. Not wanting the corporate entities to confuse me, the human being, with the corporate fiction that is my legal name, I recently decided I needed a “soul” name, which would be a name that I could use as a living soul and a human being, and a name that is not so similar to the fictional "legal" entity registered with THE COMPANY.

I searched my mind for another name. I wanted it right now. Then I remembered Ruby. Ruby was a name I had heard in a dream when I was asked by some dream messenger if I would consent to have another cat come live with me. I was shown the cat in the dream and was told that it was a "very special cat." She was gold and black and white. In the dream, when I picked her up, I saw the name “Ruby” under her fur as I ran my hands through it. This kitten showed up in my life two weeks later. I was expecting her, and she was unmistakably the special cat I had met in my dream. Of course I knew her name was Ruby. Today she is my most loyal feline and always stays close by, insisting on living in the house.

So I decided to borrow the name Ruby. I have been accustomed to having a name and I don't really know how to go around without one, and I need to stop using my legal fiction as my personal name.

Giving myself a new name was not the “baby step” I’m talking about though. I did not want to continue to keep signing my fictional name on documents so, on Feb 9, 2015, I began signing the name "Ruby" whenever anyone needed my signature for something. I signed a reciept for the oxygen delilvery for my mom, and I signed for some drugs at the drug store. I signed "Ruby" both times and oddly, no one paid much attention to the signatures, and no one noticed the new name.

Then I went into the bank and asked for a signature card and told them I wanted to change my signature for signing checks. This did not seem to be a problem for them, until I told them I had changed my name.

Of course they wanted to know if I had changed it legally and if so, they would have to see my legal name change papers. I told them no, I did not change it “legally” I just wanted to sign my name differently with my “new name.”

I had first gone to a woman in the bank who was important enough to have her own little office and she had referred me to another woman who was apparently less important because she did not have an office. When I told this women with no office that I wanted to sign my check with my “new name Ruby” she was unsure if they could allow that and she went running back to the woman in the office for advice and council in the matter.

The woman in the office asked me if the new (non legal) name was in any way similar to my current (legal) name or had anything in it that was also in my legal name. I said no. This troubled her. She seemed a little flustered and confused with this dilemma and mentioned that I might need some legal papers of a name change, but then she stopped herself, knowing this was not true. Then she asked me point blank, “Why do you want to do this?” I asked her, “Why do you need to know why? Am I not allowed to authorize a different signature on my checks?” I asked.

She said, “Yes, but we need to know why.” At this point I could sense she felt quite silly saying that, but she still appeared unsure and nervous about what I was wanting to do. Again I asked her ‘Why do you need to know why? She said something about “security” and “for my protection” and I told her, “I don’t need your protection.” Then she corrected herself by saying, “Well we want to protect your money.” I was thinking I could ask “Protect my money from what?” but I was enjoying watching her nervous dilemma play itself out. This strange banter lasted a few seconds longer and then frustrated, she gave in, and said. “Oh well yes, just go ahead and let her do it.”

I thought all of this was very odd behavior, and strangely even felt a twinge of guilt for making her so uncomfortable. Considering that I’ve seen some signature’s that have no resemblance to any written name at all and considering I once wrote a check and forgot to sign it and it still went through the system, this reaction seemed a little odd to me, if not suspect. I don’t remember bank employees being that nervous 30 years ago. They were less friendly back then too.

I have borrowed money from this bank and have an outstanding loan that I am paying off. The people who work there in the bank know me quite well and might even consider me a little odd sometimes, but they have always been very friendly and they all know me by name as soon as I walk in the door. I could not tell you their names, but they all know mine, which I find a little creepy. It’s a small town so maybe that is the reason. I always kid around with them and I did not want them to begin thinking of me as an odd ball with ulterior motives or a threat to their overall banking scam, so I milked it with a little harmless friendly conversation.

After they agreed to produce a signature card for me to sign authorizing the new signature, I explained to the clerk that I just wanted to keep my business separate from my personal stuff because I am retired. I told her that I intend to pay myself some retirement money. Then I said, “Okay, now for a test run.” And I wrote a check out to “Ruby” and signed it “Ruby” and then I still had to endorse it on the back with “Ruby.” Ruby, the human being, now has some cash and will be paying for merchandise with cash. I had to sign the check three times to get the cash.

After all of that I thought maybe I should not have gotten Ruby involved at all. I halfway expect one day someone will approach me and tell me I must register my new name.

To confuse them further, I will add a second name.

You may call me Ruby Jean.


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